Tyler is looking so good on ‘Big Brother 20’ that he can let his Power App expire, readers say

Tyler has had a power App since week 2, but he probably doesn’t have to sit on his cloud because he’s already on cloud nine in the “Big brother 20” house. In a recent survey, 83 percent of our readers don’t think he’s about to blow up his Cloud app before it runs out in two weeks, which is probably not what tptb had in mind when they came up with this twist.

Tyler has been in such a good position in the house that he only considered using the cloud, which granted him immunity at a nomination or Veto ceremony, once this whole time: last week during Haleigh HIGH. Since you had used him in the past week, as a hacker, he suggested that it back door to guarantee that he will be playing in two comps, the Hacker Comp and Veto, for safety, but really he wanted to his app to use in the nomination ceremony and let yourself be vulnerable at The Veto ceremony, when the hacker took it down or something. Of course, Haleigh planned a back door anyway, but it was all as my friend Joey Tribbiani would say a moo point because Tyler won Veto, thanks to a lot of Rockstar’s inability.

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He seemed like he was going to be in the danger zone this week with Faysal win HOH, but JC came to Tyler (and Level 6) rescue Scottie likes to through persuaded its puppet Fessy, his own Alliance member, target, Scottie, because Haleigh. Fessy then made deals with Tyler, Angela and Kaycee, although he had to set up Kaycee as a farmer after Brett took up the Veto.

If Level 6 or one of Tyler’s allies, JC or Sam, can control the next two weeks, then Tyler is set and doesn’t have to use his app. Also Haleigh has put him on her backburner as she wants to follow Sam’s crazy pitch to go Fessy to put Haleigh as a renom.

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But the remaining 17 percent think Tyler will be forced to use it because the numbers are getting smaller. If the rest of the house were smart, you’d be chasing him, but he’s dealing with everyone now. And as he told Sam earlier, it would be in his best interest if he could just run the app so no one else knows he ever had it. Almost everyone in the house thinks the second app has expired or someone has been cleared with it unused.

The producers probably gave Tyler’s app and Bayleigh’s app – identity theft took up to the last eight-so long shelf life to increase the chances of getting used to them. And then Bayleigh went out with her in her pocket. Sam’s Bonus life app had a much shorter span, four weeks because she wanted someone to return to the game in front of the jury. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have called it automatically after four weeks. And then Kaitlyn screwed up everything.

But look, we can just blame Rockstar if Tyler’s app isn’t used. If she had won OTEV, she would have moved out, Haleigh would have tried to deceive Tyler, who would have used his app. Thank You, Rockstar.

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