The Breathing Room

The Breathing Room

The photographer, Robert Ascroft, many times on Emmy day said, as one of the winners, presenters and other A-listers turned in his backstage-photo-studio.

“There is so much happening on this day for the talent,” he said, as the rush was over. “But these images have longevity. I really want them to be too big. And So I say to you, ” Take a deep breath, let it out and give me four or five pictures that will last forever.'”

During a photo session takes hours often, to capture Robert and many of his Emmy-portraits had in less than a minute. As one of the winners go to the stage of L. A.’s Microsoft theatre, one of the first stations in the emmy studio.

Other topics are directly behind, and those that have for him a number of interviews and shoots to get in and parties, of course. So speed is of the essence — not only in the creation of the images, but the conversion set up to accommodate individuals or large groups.

“With my A-team is really Robert helped said,” his team of five. “I’m working with them for years — you know exactly what I’m looking for.”

What is Robert on September 17, the “intimate, beautiful portraits, was searched,” standing among the thousands of images that day. “Every shot, many times,” he admitted. “I wanted a unique photo-series for the Academy.”

To this end, developed it a versatile set. On one side: a living room with navy walls with a light grey injection molding and French doors, furnished with a stylish light-blue sofa, red, armchair and a faux fireplace topped by “the hardest level on the planet.” (Two trips to Home Depot guaranteed no earthquake would bring it down.)

“I wanted to feel for an upscale apartment,” he said. “And I love to include reflection in a recording,” he added of the mirror, its Golden frame “was a nod to the Emmy gold, without the over-the-top.”

On the other side of the set, a screen background of grey-blue: “Cooler tones in the background, the warmth of the skin pop.” As the day turned to night, Emmy Insider cast in Robert’s studio, oohing and aahing, and often the recognition of their photographers.

“Many of these people, I have photographed them over the years. It’s nice that it from being switched on.” Although Robert turned the emmy studio for the first time, he is widely known for his work in celebrity portraits, fashion, beauty and advertising, for print, web, billboards and television. Its customer agencies, film studios, magazines, record companies, Broadway theatres and fashion-advertising count designers.

And now the Emmys: the result of the record-breaking, 54-page photo feature in this month’s emmy magazine. You take a deep breath and enjoy a preview of what awaits you in this issue.

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