Technical achievement awards

Technical achievement awards

To Jason Smith and Jeff White of the original design, and Rachel Rose Mike Jutan for the architecture and engineering of the block party is a procedural rigging system at Industrial Light & Magic.

Block party streamlines the rigging process with a comprehensive connection framework, a new graphical user interface, and volumetric rig to transmit, to build the enabled ILM rich in detail and unique creatures, while the significantly the artist improves productivity.

Joe Mancewicz, Matt Derksen, and to Hans Rijpkema for design, architecture and implementation of the Rhythm & Hues Construction Kit-rigging-system.

This toolset provides quality improvements to a novel approach for character rigging, features, topological independence, continuously editable rigs and deformation workflows with Form-preservation of the surface relaxation, the activation of fifteen years, the efficiency of production, and animation.

Alex Powell for his contributions to the design and engineering, Jason brushwood for his contribution for the interaction design, and Martin Watt and Alex Wells for their contributions to high-performance execution engine of the Premo character animation system at DreamWorks Animation.

Premo is the speed and simplicity enable animators to increase in full-resolution characters representative shot connection significantly your productivity.

Rob Jensen for the design and development continued, and Thomas Hahn for the animation toolset, and George ElKoura, Adam Woodbury and Dirk Van Gelder for the high-performance execution engine of the Presto Animation System at Pixar Animation Studios.

Presto allows artists to work interactively in the scene context with full resolution, geometric models and sophisticated rig controls, and significantly the productivity of the character animators at Pixar increases.

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