Academy rescinds sound mixing nomination for Greg P. Russell

Academy rescinds sound mixing nomination for Greg P. Russell

On the recommendation of the sound Branch Executive Committee of the Academy, the Board of governors voted on Thursday (2/23), from the Sound Mixing nomination for Greg P. Russell of “13 hours: The secret soldiers of Benghazi” for the violation of the Academy’s campaign regulations.

The decision is based on the discovery that Russell had called his colleagues in the Sound branch during the nomination phase, you are aware of his work on the film, in direct violation of a campaign, the regulation, which prohibits telephone lobbying. An additional nomination for the “13 hours: The secret soldiers of Benghazi” will not be called in his place. The rest of the Sound Mixing nominations for the film are Gary Summers, Jeffrey J. Haboush and Mac Ruth.

“The Board of Governors’ decision to withdraw, Mr Russell and his nomination was made after careful consideration,” said Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs. “The Academy takes very seriously the Oscars voting process and everything that are no matter is meant as well– that may undermine the integrity of the process.”

The Board determined that Russell’s actions violated a campaign of the regulation, which clearly prohibits telephone lobbying. It States that “the contact with Academy members is prohibited by telephone to promote a film or a performance specifically, even if the contact is check the in shape, to ensure that a screener or other mailing was received.”

The members of each of the Academy branches vote to determine the candidates in their respective categories nominate actors, film editors, musicians, composers and lyricists vote to nominate the nominations for song and score.

During the nominations process, all of the 456 voting members of the Sound branch, a reminder, a list of film-entitled to title in the Sound mixing category to vote.

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